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Automate Your Review Management: Boost Customer Satisfaction with AI

Streamline your review process and boost your customer’s satisfaction through automated responses written by your dedicated AI assistant. Achieve personalized, instant replies with the simplicity of a single click; no more wondering what to write in reply to a review!

Advantages of Our AI Review Response Generator

Our AI-driven review response tool simplifies the process of replying to every review, guaranteeing consistent engagement with your customers and ensuring no feedback goes unnoticed.

Personalized Engagement

The Reviews Manager AI crafts tailored and distinctive replies to each customer review, ensuring every high-quality response embodies your brand's unique voice and core values.

Save Time & Money

Utilize our AI-generated responses to conserve valuable time and decrease the expenses involved in manually responding to each review.

Boost Your Reputation

Prompt and effective responses to customer feedback demonstrate your commitment to their opinions, enhancing your digital presence and drawing in new clients.

Effortless Review Management

Our AI-generated replies simplify the review response process with a single click, freeing up your time and energy for more critical tasks.

Customer-centered Approach

Using our AI-generated responses to reply to customer reviews demonstrates your commitment to valuing customer feedback and fostering customer loyalty.

Increase Your Overall Rating

Studies indicate that replying to customer reviews can lead to an improved star rating, given that customers often adjust their rating or update their review following a constructive response.

Boost your online reputation: Leverage AI for review responses!

Key Highlights of Our AI Review Response Generator

Reviews stand as a powerful marketing tool, crucial for amplifying brand visibility and building trust.

Easy Integration: Google, Yell, Facebook...

Our software effortlessly connects with major review platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yell, Etsy, TripAdvisor, WeddingWire, Airbnb, and HomeAdvisor, enabling you to reply to reviews directly from your preferred platform.

Customizable Templates: Branding Matched

Our platform enables you to customize response templates to reflect your brand’s specific voice and tone, ensuring your reviews remain uniform and true to your brand.

Multilingual Support

Our AI software can generate responses in multiple languages, allowing you to respond to reviews from customers worldwide.

Sentiment Analysis: Advanced AI Technology

Our AI software is adept at analyzing the sentiment behind reviews and creating suitable replies, ensuring your responses to both positive and negative feedback are always fitting and constructive.

Personalized Review Campaigns

Our software allows you to create personalized campaigns to encourage customers to leave reviews, increasing your overall review volume and improving your online reputation.

Intuitive Design: No APIs or complicated code

Our AI review generation software is designed with ease of use in mind. With a simple and intuitive dashboard, you can easily integrate our technology into your existing review management strategy without worrying about complicated APIs or code.

Start Boosting Your Review Response Rate in 3 easy steps

Reviews-manager is intuitive and simple to use. Get set up and start generating
personalized review responses in a matter of minutes.

1. Generate

You will see all of your reviews in your reviews section in your Reviews Manager dashboard. Click on the “Suggest response” button underneath your review to receive your AI-generated reply.

2. Revise

You can decide to use the suggested response, regenerate a new response, or fine-tune the response where necessary to ensure it’s exactly what you want.

3. Reply

Copy the response generated in the reviews-manager dashboard and post the reply on whichever platform you received the review from.

Seamless integration with these review platforms

Drive more traffic online by effortlessly displaying your best reviews from the most popular review sites.


Full list of supported review platforms

Here’s what our customers have to say

Customers love using our software to maximize their performance and get results. Here’s what they have to say…

Isaac S.
Isaac S.
3 months ago
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Ease of use, price, customer service and flexibility is a high priority in Reviews Manager. I've been using it for several months, and will in the upcoming future continue to use it.
Jeff C.
Jeff C.
3 months ago
Read More
The organization of my review requests. This keeps me on my toes to get the reviews that I need.
Steve B.
Steve B.
4 months ago
Read More
Automation, their widget selection, optional AI response generator, review request options, etc. all great time savers and it just works. WOW, the reviews keep coming in. Support is quick and friendly as well.
Isaac S.
Isaac S.
3 months ago
Read More
Ease of use, price, customer service and flexibility is a high priority in Reviews Manager. I've been using it for several months, and will in the upcoming future continue to use it.
Jeff C.
Jeff C.
3 months ago
Read More
The organization of my review requests. This keeps me on my toes to get the reviews that I need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social proof is a tactic marketers use to highlight the experience of previous customers (a.k.a. real people). If consumers can see that a product is being purchased (and, more importantly, that people are enjoying the purchase), they’re more likely to invest in it. Social proof marketing builds trust and impacts purchasing decisions in every industry, leading to more sales and happier customers. Different types of social proof include reviews, user-generated content, live visitor counts, and countdown timers.

Review widgets can be very effective at increasing customer confidence and boosting credibility. Highlighting past reviews provides reassurance and shows that your brand can be trusted. Adding integrations like this to your homepage and at various touchpoints in the sales cycle can be incredibly beneficial to engagement, lead generation, and conversion rate.

Show your unique visitors what they could miss out on if they don’t buy your product or invest in your service. Social proof is an incredibly powerful way to highlight your brand’s credibility and prove that your product or service does exactly what it says it does.

Yes, all of our social proof software tools can be customized. Choose from a range of pre-designed templates, or build your own with our simple editor. It’s easy to add your brand colors, logo, and fonts to your widget to make sure it aligns with the rest of your website.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial with every plan, no credit card required. You can give our reviews widget a go before fully investing. We want to make sure you’re happy with our software, so we’re available on hand to help you get set up and started straight away.

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