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Boost Your Business with Automated Review Generation

Effortlessly request, accumulate, and showcase genuine, verified customer reviews on your website using our automated review generation software. Enhance your sales and craft a formidable online reputation, underpinning your business’s success in the digital marketplace.

Maximize Sales with Customer-Driven Trust

Reviews significantly influence purchasing choices, offering the confidence customers require to opt for your brand. A higher volume of reviews translates to increased trust in your brand, streamlining the path to scaling your operations and boosting sales.

Enhance your website and elevate the customer journey with our review generation software. Implement it on your site now to begin harvesting essential feedback from your customers, paving the way for a richer, trust-filled customer experience.

Enhance Your Service with Customer Insights

Securing more reviews not only boosts your online presence but also unveils the common challenges your customers encounter. Simplifying the feedback process encourages more customers to share their experiences. Our review generation software facilitates the swift collection of these valuable insights, allowing you to refine and enhance your products and services effectively.

Showcase Your Excellence with Social Proof & User-Generated Content

The value of displaying social proof and user-generated content on your website is immense. It provides potential customers with clear reasons to prefer your business over others. Gain an instant average star rating from leading review platforms to demonstrate to customers your superior standing among competitors, making your business the obvious choice.

Take Charge of Your Reviews with Our Efficient Software

Our convenient review generation software offers swift access to your business’s reviews across top platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Crucially, it puts you in full control by allowing you to select the platforms where customers share their feedback, ensuring you steer your online reputation in the direction you desire.

Nurture Brand Advocates for Enhanced Loyalty and ROI

Achieving customer loyalty involves more than just satisfying customers with your products or services; it’s about transforming them into fervent brand advocates. Those who take the step to leave reviews demonstrate a deeper commitment to your brand, significantly increasing the likelihood of long-term loyalty. This not only boosts revenue but also substantially improves your return on investment, solidifying the foundation for sustained business growth.

Boosting SEO with Customer Reviews

Customer feedback on your products and services is a critical factor in SEO success. Actively collecting and showcasing reviews signals to Google and other search engines that your brand garners interest and investment from users. High star ratings contribute to an enhanced search ranking, driving increased traffic to your website and amplifying your online visibility. This cycle of positive engagement fosters greater discoverability and potential for growth.

Instantly Get More Reviews and Ratings

Why Use Our Review Generation Software?

Empower your customers, the most potent advocates for your brand, to share their experiences. Our review generation software features an easy-to-navigate dashboard complemented by advanced technology, enabling you to gather feedback efficiently and showcase it centrally. This approach ensures that customer testimonials become a driving force in your marketing strategy.

Customizable Review Request Form

Streamline the creation of branded review request forms with our selection of responsive and aesthetically pleasing templates and design choices. Tailor these forms to fit your brand's identity with ease. Once configured, your customers can conveniently provide feedback using either desktop or mobile devices, simplifying the process of capturing valuable insights.

Simple Code-Free Integration

Forget the hassle of coding! With just a few clicks, request reviews and seamlessly integrate them onto your website. Our widget autonomously aggregates feedback from your chosen review platforms, making it easy to share authentic customer experiences with your site visitors.

Direct to Customer: Address Reviews Efficiently

Engaging with your customers is crucial. Instantly spot negative feedback and communicate directly with dissatisfied customers using our software. With the ability to filter reviews by star rating, you can swiftly tend to unhappy clients or express gratitude towards those who leave positive feedback, fostering a responsive and attentive brand image.

Keep Your Reviews Updated Daily

Our review request form autonomously sends out requests to your customers, while the display embed code ensures your widget is refreshed daily. This dynamic approach keeps your site populated with the newest reviews, guaranteeing that visitors always encounter the most current and pertinent feedback, reflecting the ongoing excellence of your service.

Advanced Review Automation Software

Leverage cutting-edge automation technology with our review collection software to effortlessly gather customer feedback from multiple review platforms the moment it's posted. After dispatching a request, any review left by a customer will immediately appear on your dashboard. This swift process enables prompt display on your website or sharing across social media, keeping your brand's narrative fresh and engaging.

Effortless Review Requests Fully Automated

Embrace a hands-off strategy by automating review requests to recent customers through both SMS and email. This approach ensures you engage customers while their experience with your brand is still fresh, guaranteeing the review collection operates smoothly and efficiently in the background, without needing your constant attention.

Start collecting reviews on your website in 3 simple steps

Reviews-manager is intuitive and simple to use. Get set up and start generating new reviews in a matter of minutes.

1. Send review requests

Keep new reviews coming in consistently. Send customers a customized review link via SMS or email with just a few clicks. Import customers in bulk from csv or automate the requests with Zapier.

2. Collect the feedback

Go beyond a simple star rating and use a personalized workflow to ask customers to write a review on the review platform of your choice. Written reviews add context to star ratings making it easy to understand your customers' likes and dislikes about your business.

3. Improve your reputation

Dissatisfied customers have the chance to share their thoughts through a private feedback form that’s sent directly to your dashboard. Understand why a customer had a bad experience and address their issues in real-time so you can turn them back into happy shoppers.

Why Reviews Manager is the ultimate review generation solution

Looking for the best online review software? Look no further than Reviews Manager.

Excellent support

Benefit from the wealth of experience our team brings to the table, dedicated to assisting you at every stage. Their expertise has been poured into developing the premier social proof widget, and we're committed to guiding you to fully leverage our software, maximizing your experience and results.

Cost-Effective: Save Time and Money

Our competitive pricing positions us as one of the most affordable solutions for generating customer reviews. Streamline the process of collecting online feedback and showcasing it on your website, saving both time and financial resources in enhancing your digital presence.

User-Friendly Tools

Effortlessly create and automate your review request forms using our intuitive dashboard, equipped with pre-designed, customizable templates for easy setup. Monitor and manage your reviews effortlessly, consolidating your efforts into a single, centralized hub to enhance your review collection process.

Supported review platforms

Take control of your reviews and choose the platforms you want customers to use.

Full list of supported review platforms

Here’s what our customers are saying

Thousands of businesses use Reviews Manager to send review invitations at scale, collect customer feedback, and manage their online reputation. Here’s what they have to say…

Isaac S.
Isaac S.
3 months ago
Read More
Ease of use, price, customer service and flexibility is a high priority in Reviews Manager. I've been using it for several months, and will in the upcoming future continue to use it.
Jeff C.
Jeff C.
3 months ago
Read More
The organization of my review requests. This keeps me on my toes to get the reviews that I need.
Steve B.
Steve B.
4 months ago
Read More
Automation, their widget selection, optional AI response generator, review request options, etc. all great time savers and it just works. WOW, the reviews keep coming in. Support is quick and friendly as well.
Isaac S.
Isaac S.
3 months ago
Read More
Ease of use, price, customer service and flexibility is a high priority in Reviews Manager. I've been using it for several months, and will in the upcoming future continue to use it.
Jeff C.
Jeff C.
3 months ago
Read More
The organization of my review requests. This keeps me on my toes to get the reviews that I need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social proof is a tactic marketers use to highlight the experience of previous customers (a.k.a. real people). If consumers can see that a product is being purchased (and, more importantly, that people are enjoying the purchase), they’re more likely to invest in it. Social proof marketing builds trust and impacts purchasing decisions in every industry, leading to more sales and happier customers. Different types of social proof include reviews, user-generated content, live visitor counts, and countdown timers.

Review widgets can be very effective at increasing customer confidence and boosting credibility. Highlighting past reviews provides reassurance and shows that your brand can be trusted. Adding integrations like this to your homepage and at various touchpoints in the sales cycle can be incredibly beneficial to engagement, lead generation, and conversion rate.

Show your unique visitors what they could miss out on if they don’t buy your product or invest in your service. Social proof is an incredibly powerful way to highlight your brand’s credibility and prove that your product or service does exactly what it says it does.

Yes, all of our social proof software tools can be customized. Choose from a range of pre-designed templates, or build your own with our simple editor. It’s easy to add your brand colors, logo, and fonts to your widget to make sure it aligns with the rest of your website.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial with every plan, no credit card required. You can give our reviews widget a go before fully investing. We want to make sure you’re happy with our software, so we’re available on hand to help you get set up and started straight away.

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