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Transform your customers’ feedback into a powerful marketing tool with our effortlessly integrable reviews widget for your website, converting positive experiences into opportunities for growth.

Empower Your Brand with Authentic Customer Insights

Customers are the cornerstone of your brand’s success, and their insights into your services are invaluable to potential clients. Our review widget seamlessly aggregates your customer testimonials and ratings from leading review platforms, showcasing them on your website. This display not only enhances credibility but also significantly boosts customer confidence and loyalty.

Unlike traditional advertising or crafted brand messages, reviews offer a transparent glimpse into the real customer experience with your brand, setting clear expectations for prospective buyers. They play a crucial role in the purchasing journey, guiding consumers towards informed decisions about the superiority of your products and services.

Boosting Credibility with Embedded Website Reviews

Embedding reviews directly onto your website plays a pivotal role in building buyer confidence, enhancing trust, and ensuring your brand shines in a competitive market. This strategy proves essential for establishing a strong foundation of credibility with both new and existing customers.

User-Generated Content: The Marketing Powerhouse

User-generated content, particularly reviews, stands as today's most influential marketing form. Mirroring the impact of word-of-mouth in the digital realm, reviews significantly propel sales by persuading and instilling confidence in leads about choosing your company.

Guiding Decisions with Integrated Testimonials

In moments of uncertainty, people seek guidance from the experiences of others. Our reviews widget offers an automatic solution to integrate customer testimonials directly onto your website, providing immediate reassurance. This not only accelerates the purchasing journey but also aids potential buyers in choosing your company over competitors.

Investing in Reviews for Long-term Success

Customers are inclined to invest more in brands that boast positive reviews, enhancing the value they bring to your business and paving the way for long-term success and stability. By implementing a testimonial widget on your website, you gain deeper insights into improving your offerings and precisely meeting your customers' needs.

Enhance SEO with a Customer Reviews Widget

Embedding a reviews widget on your website significantly bolsters your SEO strategy, supplying search engines and prospective customers with rich, valuable content. On-site reviews contribute to reducing your website’s bounce rate and elevating your search rankings by demonstrating to search engines such as Google your active engagement with customers and the relevance of your content.

Use your customers' experiences to promote your business and advocate your brand

Customizable reviews widgets for any platform

Build your online reputation by showcasing valuable user feedback from your favorite review platforms
using our top-rated reviews widget solutions.

Display your Google reviews directly on your website with our easy-to-use widget. Increase trust and credibility for your business with authentic reviews from Google users.

Showcase your Facebook reviews on your website with our customizable widget. Build social proof and boost customer trust with the power of Facebook ratings.

Show off your Yelp reviews on your website and increase your business's visibility with our user-friendly widget. Let potential customers see why your business is worth choosing

Display your Zillow recommendations on your website with our simple and effective widget. Enhance your credibility and attract more clients with real customer feedback.

Here are six reasons to choose Reviews Manager as your reviews widget provider

We are proud to be the all-in-one solution for embedding reviews on thousands of websites, just like yours.
Our reviews widget is backed by years of experience and an incredibly helpful support team.

Stay Updated with Real-Time Review Notifications

Keep track of the latest activity and receive immediate email notifications as events occur. Our widget seamlessly fetches the most recent reviews, ensuring your website is always updated with the latest customer feedback.

Beautiful Website Review Widget: No Coding Needed

Craft stunning review widgets effortlessly with just a few clicks through our user-friendly editor. Then, with a simple copy and paste of a single line of code, position your widget exactly where you desire on your site. No coding expertise required.

Expert Support at Every Stage

Benefit from the extensive expertise of our dedicated team, who have poured their knowledge into developing the premier reviews widget. We're committed to supporting you at every turn, ensuring you maximize the benefits of using our tool for an enhanced review management experience.

Streamline Social Proof with Easy 3-Step Setup

Incorporating social proof into your website should be straightforward. Sidestep any complications with our cost-effective and simple three-step setup process, designed for ease and efficiency.

Showcase Your Reputation with Star Rating Badges

Offer consumers a snapshot of your brand's standing through average star rating badges. Display your collective ratings from prominent sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp, providing a clear, immediate insight into your reputation.

Universal Compatibility: Integrate Reviews on any Website

Our reviews widget flawlessly merges with leading website builders, including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace, along with any platform accommodating custom HTML and JavaScript code. Enjoy effortless integration and enhance your site across any platform.

Installing our reviews widget in 3 simple steps

It’s easy to get started with our powerful reviews widget. You can be up and running in three simple steps,
providing consistent and fresh social proof to potential customers.

1. Connect Your Reviews

Select your preferred review platforms from which to aggregate feedback. Our versatile software effortlessly gathers reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, among others, centralizing them for display in a unified location on your site.

2. Customize Your Reviews for Brand Cohesion

Infuse your reviews with a brand-aligned aesthetic by selecting colors and designs that resonate with your business identity. With access to our extensive template library, creating an attention-grabbing reviews widget that integrates flawlessly into your website's design is straightforward, enhancing your site's appeal and consistency.

3. Effortless Integration: Embed Our Reviews Widget Instantly

Incorporating our reviews widget into your website is a breeze. Just copy and paste a pre-generated code, and you're all set. Want to showcase it on various pages? Simply place the code in any desired location for instant display, enhancing your site's user engagement and credibility with minimal effort.

Check out our reviews widget in action

Select your favorite widget template and add it to your website in just a few clicks – no code required!

Easy integration with any of these review platforms

Drive more traffic online by effortlessly displaying your best reviews from the most popular review sites.


Full list of supported review platforms

What customers say about our website reviews widget

Our customers love using our reviews widget for their website. Here’s what they have to say…


Isaac S.
Isaac S.
3 months ago
Read More
Ease of use, price, customer service and flexibility is a high priority in Reviews Manager. I've been using it for several months, and will in the upcoming future continue to use it.
Jeff C.
Jeff C.
3 months ago
Read More
The organization of my review requests. This keeps me on my toes to get the reviews that I need.
Steve B.
Steve B.
4 months ago
Read More
Automation, their widget selection, optional AI response generator, review request options, etc. all great time savers and it just works. WOW, the reviews keep coming in. Support is quick and friendly as well.
Isaac S.
Isaac S.
3 months ago
Read More
Ease of use, price, customer service and flexibility is a high priority in Reviews Manager. I've been using it for several months, and will in the upcoming future continue to use it.
Jeff C.
Jeff C.
3 months ago
Read More
The organization of my review requests. This keeps me on my toes to get the reviews that I need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social proof is a tactic marketers use to highlight the experience of previous customers (a.k.a. real people). If consumers can see that a product is being purchased (and, more importantly, that people are enjoying the purchase), they’re more likely to invest in it. Social proof marketing builds trust and impacts purchasing decisions in every industry, leading to more sales and happier customers. Different types of social proof include reviews, user-generated content, live visitor counts, and countdown timers.

Review widgets can be very effective at increasing customer confidence and boosting credibility. Highlighting past reviews provides reassurance and shows that your brand can be trusted. Adding integrations like this to your homepage and at various touchpoints in the sales cycle can be incredibly beneficial to engagement, lead generation, and conversion rate.

Show your unique visitors what they could miss out on if they don’t buy your product or invest in your service. Social proof is an incredibly powerful way to highlight your brand’s credibility and prove that your product or service does exactly what it says it does.

Yes, all of our social proof software tools can be customized. Choose from a range of pre-designed templates, or build your own with our simple editor. It’s easy to add your brand colors, logo, and fonts to your widget to make sure it aligns with the rest of your website.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial with every plan, no credit card required. You can give our reviews widget a go before fully investing. We want to make sure you’re happy with our software, so we’re available on hand to help you get set up and started straight away.

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