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Unlock insights into your business performance with our Free Reputation Report. This detailed analysis compares your business against competitors, pinpointing how you're faring in the market. It identifies key areas for improvement, offering strategic guidance on leveraging Reviews Manager to enhance your standing. Discover actionable steps to amplify your online presence and outshine the competition.

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Kickstart your journey to enhanced online reputation management with a 14-Day Free Trial. Experience firsthand the transformative power of our platform, risk-free. Dive into a suite of tools designed to elevate your digital presence, gather insightful feedback, and drive business growth. Begin your trial today and witness the impact of strategic review management on your brand's success.

Monitor Everything via Your Dashboard

Keep a close eye on all aspects of your online reputation directly from your dashboard. This centralized hub allows you to track reviews, customer feedback, and key performance metrics effortlessly. With real-time monitoring and comprehensive analytics at your fingertips, managing your digital presence has never been easier or more efficient. Stay ahead by making informed decisions with everything you need, all in one place.

Customer review feedback

"I highly recommend Reviews Manager for any business looking to attract new reviews and consolidate real customer feedback from different platforms. The ability to display these reviews in a beautifully designed widget on our website has been a game-changer. It's an essential tool for enhancing our online presence and credibility."

David A.

Essential tools tailored to your distinct business requirements.

Whether your aim is to showcase reviews on your website or to actively acquire more feedback by getting more reviews, we offer a plan tailored to your needs.

Display Reviews

Effortlessly showcase your reviews anywhere on your website using our simple-to-integrate reviews widget.

Select from an array of customizable templates or star-rating badges and immediately begin displaying social proof with our widget!

Get Reviews

Boost your customer reviews, enhance your digital reputation, and expand your business effortlessly.

Opt for email or SMS to dispatch review requests, and swiftly start gathering reviews using our efficient review generation software!

Build & Protect

Enhance and safeguard your reputation seamlessly.

With our comprehensive suite of tools designed for reputation building and protection, you can effortlessly manage your online presence.

Raise credibility & trust through review widgets and badges.

Effortlessly integrate our no-code widget onto your website, displaying your top reviews and demonstrating to potential customers your business’s excellence.


Tailor your widget to match your brand’s style perfectly, and choose from leading review platforms to aggregate your reviews, enhancing your credibility effortlessly.

Boost your SEO and elevate your search rankings.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by utilizing our software to enhance your brand’s trustworthiness and increase customer loyalty. An increase in review count numbers and enhanced ratings typically leads to increased ranking positions on the top review platforms, boosting your website’s visibility and search rankings.


Automating the collection of feedback ensures a steady influx of recent reviews, engaging visitors longer and decreasing bounce rates on your site. This extended engagement not only fosters more conversions but also significantly increases revenue.

Generate a continuous flow of social proof.

Your customers are not just patrons; they’re your most powerful marketing assets. Streamline your efforts by harnessing our review generation software to automatically gather reviews through SMS or email, saving you precious time. In addition, our software will instantly increase the amount of reviews your business receives.


Embrace our all-encompassing review management solution to swiftly generate more significant reviews with minimal effort, boosting your brand’s credibility and visibility effortlessly.

Protect your online reputation

Our tailored feedback form opens a direct line of communication with your customers, enabling you to enhance your products or services with a superior customer experience based on their insights.


Consolidate all your reviews in a single dashboard. Receive instant notifications for every new rating or review your business acquires, allowing for prompt responses to any negative feedback. Our software ensures you always capture those crucial customer insights, keeping you in tune with your customer’s needs and preferences.

Revolutionize Your Reviews Boost Trust, SEO & Sales

Effortlessly showcase and request customer reviews for your business like never before. Customer reviews not only foster trust and enhance your brand’s reputation and SEO but can also markedly increase your revenue.

Effortless connection

Import existing reviews from over
16 of the most popular review platforms, including Google, Facebook, Etsy and Yelp.

Customizable templates

Give your display widget and request
forms a branded makeover to fit the
style of your website.

Code-free integration

Our widgets can be installed with a
simple copy and paste on any website
platform that supports custom HTML/Javascript.

SMS and Email capabilities

Take a hands-off approach with our automated review request campaigns

Automated process

Automate the review collection
process to generate a consistent
stream of new reviews.

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What our customers say about our social proof widget

Our customers love using our reviews widget for their website. Here’s what they have to say…


Isaac S.
Isaac S.
3 months ago
Read More
Ease of use, price, customer service and flexibility is a high priority in Reviews Manager. I've been using it for several months, and will in the upcoming future continue to use it.
Jeff C.
Jeff C.
3 months ago
Read More
The organization of my review requests. This keeps me on my toes to get the reviews that I need.
Steve B.
Steve B.
4 months ago
Read More
Automation, their widget selection, optional AI response generator, review request options, etc. all great time savers and it just works. WOW, the reviews keep coming in. Support is quick and friendly as well.
Isaac S.
Isaac S.
3 months ago
Read More
Ease of use, price, customer service and flexibility is a high priority in Reviews Manager. I've been using it for several months, and will in the upcoming future continue to use it.
Jeff C.
Jeff C.
3 months ago
Read More
The organization of my review requests. This keeps me on my toes to get the reviews that I need.

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Showcase recent reviews seamlessly on your client's site for enhanced credibility.

Effortlessly gather valuable feedback with automated campaigns via email or SMS.

Instant email notifications keep agencies informed and enable swift response to reviews.

Generate strategic insights with detailed reports comparing your data with your competitors.


Discover powerful features for client success

Introducing the all-new Al-powered personal assistant

Our Al-powered review response technology ensures that no customer interaction goes unnoticed. Save valuable time while boosting customer satisfaction with automated responses personalized by your Al assistant.

With just one click, deliver unique replies that amplify your client’s online presence and foster positive customer relationships. Streamline your agency’s reputation management process and stay ahead in the digital landscape.


Amplify Marketing Impact with Positive Reviews

Harness the marketing potential of positive customer experiences. Our intuitive widget effortlessly displays the latest reviews on your website, enhancing trust and attracting new customers. Elevate your brand’s credibility and entice prospects by showcasing genuine, positive feedback directly on your site, boosting your SEO and online visibility.


Effortlessly Get New Reviews Through Automation

Streamline your review collection process with our automated review request campaigns. Tailor your feedback page to fit your brand, and effortlessly reach out to recent customers via email or SMS. This hands-free approach simplifies gathering essential feedback, ensuring continuous growth in valuable customer reviews.


Stay informed with Instant Notifications

Stay updated on your digital standing. Instant email alerts keep you informed the moment new reviews are posted, ensuring you’re always in the loop. With our user-friendly dashboard, you gain the insight needed to act swiftly, keeping your online reputation polished and proactive.


Display Social Proof with our Website Review Widgets

With our fully customizable and mobile-responsive badges and widgets, taking control of how you present social proof on any website has never been easier. Our extensive library of templates offers the versatility to craft visually appealing testimonials, enhancing your site’s credibility effortlessly.


Monitor & Secure Your Competitive Advantage

Boost your marketing efforts from the start with our cutting-edge online reputation comparison tool. This powerful feature allows you to generate reports, showcasing how you stack up against your competitors. Utilize this tool regularly to monitor progress and see tangible improvements in your overall score through consistent use of our software, securing a formidable online presence.


Schedule Regular Progress Reports

Equip your business with the power of scheduled reports. Set up weekly or monthly reports and get a detailed analysis of your business’s online reputation. This approach not only provides valuable insights for crafting proactive strategies but also drives your success further, by staying informed and engaged about your digital presence’s progress.


Expand Your Digital Footprint with Social Sharing

Boost your digital presence using our social sharing feature. Transform your top reviews into engaging social media content, attracting more traffic and increasing sales. Leverage the strength of positive online experiences to make a significant impact, enhancing your brand’s visibility and customer engagement.

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Resources to help improve your online reputation

Learn various ways to leverage your online reviews to turn your customers into raving
fans and help your business stand out from the competition.